Conception II, trailer, dlc e uscita europea!

Conception II, trailer, dlc e uscita europea!

Sembra che i giocatori europei interessati al nuovo -singolare- gioco di ruolo marchiato Atlus non dovranno poi aspettare molto. E’ stata infatti la stessa casa, in un comunicato ufficiale riguardante il mercato Americano, a far sapere che maggio sarà il periodo di lancio del gioco con una demo in arrivo lo stesso mese.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars sarà uscirà per Nintendo 3DS e Psvita sia in formato fisico che digitale, di seguito il trailer e il comunicato ufficiale.

Buona visione

Conception II is out today, and while you’re waiting to go pick up your fancy collector’s edition from your local game store or download the game from the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Network, you should watch the full trailer for Conception II by clicking the image above or this link:!

If you pick up the game, but haven’t played through the demo, you may want to give it a shot! Your save data transfers over, and you’ll get a set of free goodies! You should also download the free Disciple Weapon Pack DLC to get five weapons your party can use. But make sure to get it soon, as it’s only free for the first month.

If you were wondering where the Monokuma DLC is, two Monokuma quests will be added in May. For free! Other DLC will start rolling out each week, and you can check it all under the “Extras” section of the Conception II website. Uhuhuhuhuh!

Oh, and speaking of May, to our European fans who have been waiting for news about Conception II’s release date: Both the demo and the game should be launching in May for EU territories! We don’t have the exact dates confirmed yet, but once we get them locked in, we’ll let you know!